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I would have thought the internal app would be free from raised blacks, everything I have read says the internal apps are fine now, no-one actually mentioned the apple tv app though.

I take it you are on the latest 3.21.16?
I need to correct myself. Blacks are not raised in the TV+ app. I know they were, but maybe that was with the 09 firmware and I hadn’t checked .16. Sorry about that.
Somewhat ironically it makes the Apple TV 4K the worst way to watch Apples own content.
A Firestick is fine, the TV app is fine, the ATV......errrr! Embarrassing really.


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Anyone else having issues with the latest update? Prior to the update the tv and samsung q90r surround system was working fine (after a few issues when first for them in August). Since the update, after using apps and going back to live TV I get distorted sound (quiet and echo) from the soundbar on the channel that's already selected. If change channel it is fine. This seems to happen only over earc and if turn that feature off to standard arc, its fine. Both devices are up to date and was fine prior to the new update.


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Hi All
when you go to the Quick Access Menu, can you actually go to the app that is is the 1-9 numbers or is it just an edit facility ?



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Christmas came early today! Absolutely loving it. Big jump from my Samsung UE55F8000. I was almost pooping bricks moving it due to how thin the screen is.

Haven't had too much of a chance to play with it as spent a lot of time wall mounting it. Mrs loves it but now wants to watch some TV so will try to mess around with some gaming etc tomorrow.

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Hi champ! What stand is that? It looks great!


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Hi All
when you go to the Quick Access Menu, can you actually go to the app that is is the 1-9 numbers or is it just an edit facility ?


Quick access menu allows you to assign remote numbers buttons 1-8 to quick acess apps or hdmi sources.

To get started press 0 (quick access) button down for 3 seconds, then select the button number you want say 1 and select it and click ok then select the app or source short cut you want.

Once you are done press back button or wait few secs it will auto exit then hold number 1 button down for 3 secs and it will quick select what ever you selected ie xbox or virgin media box or youtube etc

This magic remote has lots of short cuts

You can hold down control icon button for 3 secs to quickly access Direct picture settings

Source button (in-between netflix and prime) for 3 secs quick access to dash board also

Few vids here to help:



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Thanks VP/FM
I thought that was the case.... But had to check
thanks for letting me know

And thanks Flux that's a great help will take a lot at those videos Tech Giant to the rescue 😉

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Hi all,

not sure if I have an issue with my new CX65 - occasionally I see a vertical pink line down the left quarter of the panel, seems to show on more lighter scenes but not always.

Anyone know if there’s something I can watch to check panel uniformity as concerned the panel may have a fault.

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