LG CX New firmware Please control with magic remote


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Since the new LG CX OLED firmware i can’t control tv with other remotes. I get the notification pop up “please control with magic remote” I figured if i pick up or shake the magic remote i can then send the command from other remotes (I’m using “home assistant”) for next 5 seconds. This is so annoying because i can’t use my automations. Does anyone know how to fix this issue or if it is a bug or a new (bad) feature?
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Mine does this now and again , but pops up and goes no problem with remote ,do you use Sky or Virgin at all ?


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strange, i am able to control the TV with my logitech harmony remote just fine with no issues at all.

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I can control mine with the Nvidia Sheild Pro.
And the PS5 media remote.


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I maybe forgot to mention I have sonos arc connected to HDMI earc and then watching “live tv”through STB streaming box only command that works without shaking first the magic remote are volume up/down.


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similar to my setup then.
sony soundbar connected to HDMI2 on the TV, and streaming box connected to the soundbar.

logitech has no issues controlling any device, LG tv included.
however, what device are you controlling the volume of? the TV or the soundbar?


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Same here, all since latest update. A work around is to setup the alternative remotes to control Sonos, rather than LG. That way they send Sonos IR signals, instead of LG ones - this means they control the volume, without any on screen messages.

For SkyQ you go to remote menu in setup, and select Sonos. For Apple TV I trained it to copy the sky remote signals.


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I'm having this issue too. Simple system up in the bedroom, SkyQ mini + LG BX.

All used to work fine, now control of the BX, e.g. volume or Smart app functionality, from the Harmony (ultimate hub & small companion remote) is intermittent. It's very fustrating to say the least.

Any ideas, suggestions?


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