LG CX magic remote battery low message


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i'm getting since 3 monthes now the message that the battery level of may LG CX magic remote is low, but the magic remote works fine still to this day now.
Has anyone a tip how to deactivate this annoying message? Maybe in the service menu? Sorry if this has been a topic before but I couldn't find anything about it..

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Why not just change the batteries and see if the low battery message disappears?
I would advise against accessing the service menu.


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Thanks for the reply and you are right, i will probably get rid of the message by changing the batterys.

But i would not prefer to buy new batterys, if the currently inserted original ones are still working fine. I mean, the message pops up since three monthes now and i used the remote pretty heavily since then. This tells me that either the sensor doesn't work correctly or the tolerance setting is way to high.

Sure, alternatetively i could try using rechargeable batterys to avoid always buying new ones.

But i would still like to ask if someone has seen an option, even in the service menu, to deactivate this message?


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You could change for new batteries and then use the old ones for something less fussy/less able to nag you... this is what I do with my old ones until they really are dead :)


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Thank you for the reply. Yeah, thats the probably the only solution left, if it's not possible to deactivate the message.

And for the record:

Yesterday the batterys in my magic remote finally died - in September 2021! (These were still the original batterys, delivered with the Tv in July 2020.)

I haven't done the exact math, but it seems to me that there is a pretty decent chunk of life left in the batterys, when you receive the battery low message. I think, if this is standard, it should be fixed.
(For the customers wallet and the enviroment)

Or, at least, to give us an option to turn the message off.

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