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I've had my CX a while and everything was working fine. Its hooked up to gaming PC running an nvidea GTX1080ti.

If I loaded up a game with HDR like warzone, the LG HDR overlay would appear in the top right for a few seconds and it would switch to HDR no problem.

The only slight annoyance I had was if I changed the volume on my PC the windows volume overlay would cause the screen to go black for a second then return in non HDR and then go black for a second again and return to HDR when the volume overlay went away. Annoying but liveable with.

Now when I load warzone the image will go super contrasty and look terrible but won't trigger the LG HDR overlay. If I press the volume button on my keyboard the screen will go back to normal non hdr for a second and then almost immediately back to the contrasty mess (still no LG HDR overlay popup).

First time this happened I just rebooted my PC and it cam back working fine. I just had the same issue and after the reboot its now flipped so the game is non HDR but if I press the volume button on my keyboard I get a split second of the really contrasty HDR and then it goes back to non HDR.

Its all a bit odd, but sounds more like it s a TV issue than a PC issue.

Picture mode is set to Gaming and the instant gaming response is set o on on the right HDMI connection.

Just before this happened I think i count the LG HDV overlay glitching out, I only caught it with the corner of my eye though so not positive.


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HDR on pc Is completely broken. I have similar issues to you but I'm using a Samsung odyssey g7.

Most games with hdr look completely washed out and other games say I don't have hdr capable monitor


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Just before this happened I think i count the LG HDV overlay glitching out, I only caught it with the corner of my eye though so not positive.

Dont play COD Warzone but it sounds like the problem might be with it switching to HDR.

Try getting this software tool it allows you to quickly switch between Windows own SDR/HDR modes, you can assign keyboard shortcuts

Select 1080p or 1440p 120Hz resolution in YUV-422 10-bit or 12-bit with your GTX-1080TI and include HDR.

For SDR select 8-bit RGB or YUV-444.

This will kick the Windows desktop into its HDR mode then you simply run the game with its HDR mode enabled, after exiting the game use the keyboard shortcut to switch windows desktop back to SDR profile.

That should hopefully bypass your problem as the desktop is being rendered in HDR so the game isn't doing anything to initiate the HDR mode, the OS is managing it. The tool above just allows doing this quickly instead of using slow menus in win settings.

If using Windows desktop in HDR, go into settings->system->display->windows HD colour settings and set the SDR/HDR balance to 10, this will accurately emulate SDR within HDR as windows forces HDR on for everything.

Also on Your TV turn on HGIG under dynamic tone mapping.

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