Question LG CX - Faint horizontal lines/grid in HDR


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Hello 😊

Bought a LG CX about a month ago, and have a 1 month return window left.

I have these faint horizontal lines running across the entire screen (see pic). They are especially prominent in bright HDR content, when panning up/down in games like Ghost of Tsushima or RDR2. It is like a DSE.
If I look closer, a can also pick out faint vertical lines (only in HDR/bright scenes), which, combined with the horizonral lines, make kind of a grid pattern.

It even seems to me that the issue is getting worse.

The screen uniformity is otherwise great, with almost no vertical banding, tinting or otherwise.

Should I return it (panel lottery), or is it normal with OLED technology?
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Exactly the same happens to my 65CX. Did you return your set? I'm thinking of returning mine because even after 2 manual pixel refreshes the lines are still there.

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