LG CX device control with Denon x4700


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I have an LG CX which I was using an old pioneer LX82 receiver along with my nvidia shield and freeview box. Devices were hooked to tv and sound sent to amp via optical. I was able to select say the shield on the tv inputs and the magic remote would control the shield.
I have now changed amp to a Denon x4700, with devices connected to the receiver and then the eARC between receiver and tv. When I now go to inputs on the tv, it shows the freeview and shield as connected to hdmi 1, but if I select either device it just changes the receiver TV Audio. I get no device input and have to change the input from tv audio back to the correct input i.e. media device input on the receiver and then the magic remote will work the shield.
Has anyone come across this and know how to get round this??
Also not sure if this post should be in the LG CX category or the Denon receiver category! 01929786-47AE-4096-96A4-4527BEE4EEA5.jpeg

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