LG CX + AVR Is it possible to have game mode and filmmaker mode on the same HDMI input?


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Basically my setup is an LG CX TV with a Denon 1600.

I'm sure in the past I've been able to have one HDMI port on the AVR as filmmaker mode and one as game mode even though they're going through the same HDMi port to the TV.

Basically the TV is smart enough to know they're different inputs through the same HDMI port (see photo for the TV picking up the difference). However whenever I set a mode its setting both and it's super annoying.

Any ideas? I'm sure it's possible.

Also I'm not talking about allm.


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Turn on game optimiser and set filmaker mode to auto. It will switch automatically after that.


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I don't think the CX has game optimiser.

I tried auto film maker but it was very unreliable.

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