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Aug 8, 2020
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Ive been trying to calibrate sdr/hdr game mode on my LG CX using the autocal feature with portrait displays LG home software. Ive calibrated other modes (cinema ect) using autocal on the CX just fine. The issue seems to be that when playing the sdr/hdr grey background videos they ask you to download from their website, and play via the tvs usb port, that it does not allow the tv to kick into game mode due to the input source and game mode not being an option (photo attached).

When in calman home for LG in this scenario, and trying to use the autocal feature, the software says that everything is set up for a game mode calibration. Though when you try to run autocal its clear that it is not communicating with the tv accurately. Taking 10 times as long to get a reading, and having the reading be quite obviously wrong. Again, when in this scenario and manually looking at what mode the tv is in via the remote, it seems to default to cinema being that game mode isnt accessible seemingly due to the source input.

Ive tried a couple work arounds using an xbox one x, but especially when trying to calibrate hdr game mode the results were less than ideal. Ive calibrated other tvs using some of their other software, so I have an ok idea of how to trouble shoot in general, but a bit stumped on this one at the moment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance!


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same here, i do got a idea for SDR game mode, but dont know how can i do for trigger HDR mode and LG auto patterns, maybe run a HDR game and then use Calman to input the patterns direct.. have you tried ?

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