LG CX Audio Issue with PS3 Blu-Ray Playback


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I just purchased a new 65" LG CX to replace a much older TV but haven't upgraded most of my other equipment and have been running into some odd issues related to Blu-ray playback from my PS3.

The best way I can describe the problem is that it seems like the internal speakers in the TV are only playing the audio that would normally be sent to the rear surround channels in a 5.1 setup. Typically background music and sound effects from any movie will play, but almost no spoken dialog from the actors plays. Occasionally small pieces of character voice will come through, but it seems as though this was audio meant to be played through the rear surround channels based on the character positioning in the scene.

This is a bit of an odd problem that I hope won't be a problem once I get an optical audio cable so I can sent the audio back to my receiver (Pioneer VSX-1018AH) and just go back using that assuming there aren't any issues. I've verified that both the TV and the PS3 are set to PCM (I tried changing both to Bitstream and this results in absolutely no audio at all coming through) and tried changing a few other settings on the TV, but the results aren't any different. Audio playback doesn't seem to be affected outside of Blu-ray playback as I've tested it with a game and had no issues and was able to get normal audio playback from the YouTube app within the PS3 as well.

I have tried using multiple ports on the TV as well as three different HDMI cables, but have not seen any difference. Similarly I tested multiple different Blu-ray movies and experience the exact same issue in all of them. I updated the software on the PS3 to the must recent update, but this did not make any difference. I have not yet tried running an update on the TV's software, but will probably try that out next.

Additionally, the TV did not seem to receive any signal from my receiver when I originally tried to route everything through that as I had always done. The TV is able to identify that it's plugged in, but it doesn't seem to want to let it passthrough anything, but this may be due to some setting on the receiver and I haven't played around with that very much yet. It seems like it's momentarily trying to make a connection as if I change the source to the port that the receiver is hooked up to and then turn on some device hooked up to it, it will briefly identify it (i.e. it will display Nintendo Switch) before saying that it can't get a signal. My understanding from the little bit of reading that I've done is that the TV wants to have all of the devices plugged into it and route the audio to the receiver. It's

If anyone has some suggestions for other things I should try or if this is just a known issue with a work-around I'd be happy to do that. I'll probably spend some additional time with it all tomorrow, but was hoping someone had an easy answer for me to get it working with either a direct connection to the PS3 or by getting it to recognize the HDMI output from the receiver.


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Try disabling ultra hd deep colour in the TV settings for the input the pioneer is connected to.

Also turn off simplink in the LG menu which is HDMI-CEC, the Pioneer support this too if you can get its OSD up somehow and turn off its HDMI control function.

See if either of those get it going.

The audio strangeness for the PS3, might be down to selecting PCM, as the CX supports PCM 5.1/7.1 over eARC the PS3 could be trying to send that instead of PCM 2.0.

Under webos
Sound/Additional settings/Digital Sound Out = PCM
Sound/Additional settings/HDMI Input Audio Format = PCM
Sound/Additional settings/eARC = disabled

See if that makes any difference to PCM output, rerun the PS3 audio detection in case it has locked onto PCM 7.1,

I'm not fully certain but I could not see any HDMI-ARC support on the Pioneer so that leave two options
1) use optical output from TV to Pioneer.
2) Get the Sharc an eARC bridge for old sound systems so long as you have a spare HDMI input.


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I tried all of the different suggestions with the direct connection to the PS3 and nothing seemed to change. However, I was able to get it working with the receiver so I can just continue to run everything through that like I used to with the old TV I replaced.

Thanks a lot for all of your help. There are a few movies I've really been looking forward to watching on the new LG and I'm glad I'll get the opportunity to watch them tonight.

I'll probably still need to set up the optical audio cable eventually since the receiver doesn't support ARC and I was planning on getting one of the new consoles before replacing the receiver and would need to hook the console up to the TV.

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