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Hi folks,

I have an LG CX 65" OLED TV for which I just bought a Sonos Arc. My problem is that, if I plug it in to the eARC HDMI port as recommended, I don't seem to be able to select any other sound output channel on the TV. Now you may wonder why I would want to do this and I have an answer.

I'm getting old and often need to be able to use headphones when watching TV late at night or when with my wife. I'm partially deaf and this allows me to enjoy watching without driving her to deafness too. However, choosing "wired headphones" or "wired headphones + internal speakers" in the audio output menu doesn't stick. It just switches back to "HDMI ARC" after a few seconds.

I have gone through every setting I can find in the iOS app from Sonos and didn't find anything helpful. I managed to make it work but only by unplugging the HDMI cable from the Sonos. I haven't tried other options such as using another HDMI input – perhaps that would help?

If anyone can point me at what idiotic thing I'm doing wrong I’d be very grateful. Hopefully I haven't bought the wrong soundbar?

Thanks for listening.

Cheers, Grant


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Your Sonos soundbar will only work plugged into the HDMI ARC port as that is the only port which can output audio.
If you want to be able to select the other audio out options try disabling ARC or LG Simplink.
You would then have to re-enable ARC each time you want to use the Sonos unfortunately.


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Hi I had thre same issue so i bought a small dac converter off Amazon for around £25 and a optical cable. Connected the dac to the tv with the optical cable and plug my headphones into the dac. Go into the tv sound settings and select optical + internal tv speakers, or just the optical if your alone. The volume for the headphones is controlled by the dac so you can have it as loud as you want without affecting the tvs volume.


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Hi, same happens with the LG B7. I have to power off the ARC to use my Bluetooth Sony headphones. found no other way.


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I believe most reply to a similar post may help to resolve your issue.

If you are using wired headphones, you should now be able to specify your desired wired sound output with it reverting back to eARC after a few seconds.

You could also use wireless headphones by closing "Bluetooth" sound output and connecting any bluetooth audio device such as earbuds, on-ear or over-ear headphones.

I used to use wireless, radio frequency (RF) headphones connected to my previous tv's RCA output.

Since most new TVs have bluetooth capabilities and no longer support RCA sound output, wireless bluetooth headphones is a great alternative to "wired" headphones, allowing you to walk some distance away from your tv while still being able to head the program.

I hope my instructions help.

Be well.

I believe your issue will be resolved by doing the steps below.
Set Up
  • LG C1 OLED 4K HDTV (2021)
    • WebOS Version: 6.0
  • SONOS Arc Sound Bar
    • TV Connection: HDMI/eARC
I hope the guidance below helps you to resolve your issue.

Disabling Sound Output to your SONOS Arc Sound Bar
From your LG TV settings…
  1. DISABLE HDMI-CEC (also known as SIMPLINK) switch.
    When enabled your LG TV will AUTOMATICALLY switch to any connected HDMI device when detected. This is how HDMI devices, such as Apple TV and other streaming devices, gaming consoles will automatically turn on a connected TV and switch to the proper HDMI input.
    See Image 1

    Understanding this is key, since the SONOS Arc cannot be turned off and thus is ALWAYS detected by your LG TV and switches sound output BACK to the Sonos Arc after you've
    switched the sound output to the TV's internal speakers.

    When Sonos Arc is not in use, it will go into low power mode – think of this like sleep mode on a laptop, game console, or cable box.

  2. If available in your TV settings, DISABLE eARC Support switch.
    This setting switch, coupled with the HDMI/CEC (SIMPLINK) seems to automatically switch to any HDMI connected device automatically. If you want to enable sound output through your TV internal speakers, disabling HDMI/CEC (also known as SIMPLINK) AND disable eARC Support (if available) will allow you to do so.
    See Image 2
You should now be able to specify and retain sound to play through your TV speakers.

Note: You could still use your Sonos Arc as a speaker for music playback from your smart phone or other bluetooth devices.

Enabling Sound Output to your SONOS Arc Sound Bar
From your LG TV settings…
  1. ENABLE HDMI-CEC (also known as SIMPLINK) switch.
    When enabled it will AUTOMATICALLY switch to connected HDMI devices when detected. In this case, your TV will detect the Sonos Arc sound bar which will be in low power/sleep mode.
  2. If desired, you can then enable eARC Support, which should provide additional enhanced sound frequencies for use by your SONOS Arc.
Quickly Accessing HDMI-CEC (also known as SIMPLINK) switch in webOS 6
In LG C1 OLED TV models (2021), users can customize their settings bar to include quick links to certain settings.

The HDMI/CEC (also known as SIMPLINK) switch is one of these settings that can be added to the settings bar, allowing you to quickly enable or disable HDMI/CEC.

If possible in your LG TVs settings, I'd suggest you modify your settings menu to allow you to quickly access the SIMPLINK (HDMI-CEC) setting to allow you to enable/disable this setting.
See Image 3

Image 1 - HDMI Settings: SIMPLINK (HDMI-CEC)
View attachment 1547024

Image 2 - Sound: Advanced Settings: eARC Support
View attachment 1547025

Image 3 - Settings Menu: Customized Settings Menu to include SIMPLINK (HDMI-CEC)

View attachment 1547023
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