LG CX and Bose Smart Soundbar 300 HDMI ARC Issues


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I’ve had this TV Soundbar combo setup using HDMI ARC for almost a year now and never any issues and now all of a sudden I went to turn on the TV and could not get any sound from the Bose sound system. I have tried power cycling everything, a different HDMI 2.1 cable, I’ve changed settings on the TV and soundbar, but nothing seems to work. I briefly had HDMI sound working last night after messing around with everything, but when I turned on the TV today it went back to not working. The Bose Music app shows that sound is playing from the TV, but the TV shows an error icon when I hit Vol Up/Down. I can get audio from a Bluetooth connection, but that’s no preferred since the TV doesn’t seem to remember the BT connection each time it’s turned off and back on.


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As an update I have found that as long as no other HDMI devices, except the soundbar via HDMI ARC, are connected when the TV is powered on it will produce sound from the Bose system. Once I have sound coming through via HDMI, I can plug in my other devices and the sound will stay, but as soon as the TV is powered off and back on again the sound stops.

This is super odd behaviors all of a sudden.


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Hello there mate! Are you still having issues?

I'm having a similar problem atm with our LG 48CX and Bose Smart Soundbar 300.

If I turn the Sky Q (cable) box off over night there's no sound in the morning.

It's driving me mad.


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I've had exactly the same issue with my Smart soundbar 300 and my Samsung QE50.
Worked fine for a year, then nothing on start up, tv says it's playing through the soundbar, soundbar says it's playing the TV, but no sound! Occasionally works through various resets etc, but not often.
I sent it back to BOSE, they sent it back with no fault found!

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