lg cx 48 vs samsung q80t + Humax advice please


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About to push the button on an LG CX 48 over a Samsung 50 Q80t. This is going in my study (a small man cave). I am coming from a Pansonic 50GX750 (2016). Sadly cannot fit anything larger than a 50" in the space I have. Going to buy for Black Friday / most likely from John Lewis or Richer sounds.

The only thing that's worrying me is that the CX does not have BBC iPlayer apps etc? I have an AppleTV 4k so not the end of the world but would prefer they were on the TV. My LG

Does the LG CX support 2 tuners so I can watch and record directly on TV meaning I could get rid of my Humax TYouView DTR-T2000 box which is now so slow. I just went onto Humax website and see they are no longer selling YouView boxes. They have this new Humax seems to be Freeview only now.

The LG CX has 4 x HDMI 2.1 so better supported for PS5 etc. I also have a 2-year-old LG in another room and like the WebOS etc. Samsung seems like the second choice.

When I got the Pansonic 50GX750 I regretted not getting the Samsung which was what I had before that.



LG only have iPlayer so far on the 2020 models. No promise of the other terrestrial catchup apps coming, but I'd assume they will.

I'd forget about recording directly on the TV if I were you, a dedicated tuner box is still the best way. TV recording is too restrictive with features, even with a TV that has dual tuners.

With the CX I think all models that are sold in the UK are single tuner. There are dual tuner versions globally, but not in the UK.

Best Freeview recorder imo is the BT UHD Box now.

Why do you regret your Panasonic over a Samsung? What do you expect a Samsung TV to do better?


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I found the Panasonic 50DX750 never updated their firmware and I had issues in the early days, lack of apps and a general feeling of being very old compared to the Samsung. Picture quality looked ok but the new OLED look at lot better. Remote was trash and switching between inputs was slow. My main content is Apple 4K + PS4 (soon to be PS5) - The reason I switched to Panasonic was that Richer Sounds gave me another £100 off at the time compared to the Samsung KS7000 and picture wise looked pretty much the same instore.

Problem with the BT UHD box is that it's only for BT customers and we are Virgin Media > just upgraded to 1GB internet. I have a Virgin V6 box downstairs which I hate and never use - it's slow and ended up using the Freesat built into the LG OLED55B8SLC which is in another room and has worked 10x better. the LG B8 was a replacement for HiSense that went bang. Been thinking of moving to Humax Freeview - but reading the reviews it's not great.

Basically always been a loyal Samsung person, tried Pansonic and did not really like, LG been really impressed with and now trying to decide again between LG and Samsung :) Sony seems far behind again.

not saying all my points are valid suspect more feeling based :)


The BT box can be purchased separately, you don't have to be a customer to use it. It works via Freeview. If you are a BT subscriber you can also get IPTV channels over the internet on it, but its still the best Freeview PVR. All catchup apps are available.
TVs integrated tuners work fine as long as you don't intend to record.
So are you wanting to use cable, satellite or freeview?

Regarding Panasonic their software is probably the worst part of their TVs. I also own a 2016 Panasonic so I know your pain. If you want better software keeping with LG and Samsung is your best bet. LGs OLEDs now will be very similar to the B8 you already own. If are buying a dedicated PVR like the BT box it doesn't matter how smart the TV is though, you can use all the apps on there.

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