LG C955" and PS5 issues (Spiderman)


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Would really appreciate some help in setting up my PS5 with the LG C9 55"

I've found that on Spiderman Remastered the game just seem to go dark at times. Characters on the street lack detail due to it.

Im plugging into HDMI 3

I followed Vincent's advive on HDTV and set everything on the Ps5 to automatic.

On the C9 i've used Cibema mode and enabled DTM and disabled all the usual ckear motion stuff. I set Black to low but it qas too dark at times, losing detail on Spidermans suit. High helped but makes movies look off.

So next I've tried assignining PC input to hdmi 3 but that seemed to dissble the DTM Mode for HGIG ? and just left On or Off as an option. Why ?

As a side note, I also don't get the GAME MODE notification pop up like i do on my xbox on hmdi2 which is odd. I've checked Instsmt Game is on on all hdmi channels.

Anyway its all a bit of a mess. But the upshot is it just ruins the game cayse every 5 mins i notice everything is too dark.

Any help on settings would be appreciated



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Thr photos from my phone cam frustratingly look brighter lol


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Sony does not support ALLM (instant game mode) on their game consoles, instead they force their own solution which LG patched into their TV's via firmware update.

Try turning off HDR at the PS5 system level and manually set the TV picture mode to game mode with the PS5 set to RGB Limited/Low output and TV black level should be on Low.

50 = OLED light
90 = Contrast
50 = brightness
0 = sharpness
50 = colour
Colour Temp = warm 2 (W45)

Colour gamut on auto, dynamic contrast disabled, gamma on 2.2.

Just see how it looks in SDR mode with that.


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thankyou for your response and time

Id rather keep HDR on as ive only noticed Spiderman remastered aa darker. Was hoping it was more of a case of tweaking settings.

Do you know why HGIG disappeared red as an optoon if i switch to pc input. And do you bother woth pc inout or just let the lg identify the ps5? seems some say its better and some don't lol


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Try and establish that it looks correct in SDR if it does then at least that narrows the problem down.

Don't use the PC mode with the console, LG's PC mode has its own quirks and bugs, stick to game mode.


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i would try these settings

i use them on my c9, I've just realised you already use these.
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