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Hopefully an easy question for somebody to answer. Reckon I’m being thick because I’ve hunted and can’t find an answer anywhere.

I have a Sonos Beam connected to an LG C9 through HDMI ARC. I’ve replaced an ancient set of Sennheiser headphones which connected through the audio cable (as simple as selecting wired headphones from the sound output options) for watching at night with Sony WH-L600 headphones.

I connected the Sony headphones via the optical cable but if I select optical from the sound output options the TV instantly switches back to HDMI ARC. The only way I’ve found so far to stop this was to disconnect the HDMI cable from the Beam.

I thought it might be possible to get an HDMI switch and switch the ARC connection from the Beam to headphones but don’t think that works with ARC.

Can anyone help? As I say, reckon I’m doing something really thick or missing a setting on the TV. Any help would be appreciated.


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Some LG models allow you to select “internal spkrs + optical” in the sound out settings.
Have a look for that option.

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Thanks @JayCee I gave that a try. Wouldn’t stay on “internal speaker and optical’ either and kept switching back to HDMI ARC.

Not sure it would have worked the way I wanted to anyway, the main reason I wear the headphones is at night so I don’t disturb anybody.

The fact it kept switching back on that setting did help though. If I switch HDMI-CEC off in settings then it does allow me to select optical and doesn’t change back. As soon as I toggle through HDMI ARC again HDMI-CEC switches itself back on but much better than my previous solution of disconnecting the HDMI cable altogether.

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One of the hassles with ARC, which is addressed by eARC, is that ARC is tied to CEC - if you toggle ARC Off then Optical is going to work but try and use ARC/CEC and you will hit problems.

You could disable CEC and use a 1x2 Optical splitter on the optical Output of the TV to allow you to use the BEAM (with SONOS Optical/HDMI adapter) + the headphones.


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