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Apologies if this ground has been covered elsewhere, but there are some conflicting views and opinions and I hoped to get some assistance:

I am looking for optimal settings for my setup. The setup includes a PS5, Bose Sound Bar 700 ( including Surround Sound 700 speakers and SB 500) all connected to my LG C9 65.

I have connected my soundbar via eARC and my PS5 direct to my tv. Both connected via hdmi 2.1 ports and premium cables. Questions as follows:

1. LG C9 web os app streaming - On the LG C9, my eARC setting is pass through. Is this preferable to PCM? (I read different views on this) I want the best output for streaming the inbuilt apps (Apple TV, prime and Netflix). I rarely watch terrestrial tv.

2. PS5 Gaming - On my Ps5 I have it set to “sound bar” and Linear PCM output for gaming. Is this preferable to the DD or DTS setting? As Linear PCM is loss less.

3. PS5 4K Blu Ray - When watching a 4K HDR Blu Ray I tweak this to DTS or DD on the Blu Ray menu. And leave the underlying console setting as Linear PCM. However the menu indicates that the audio codec is atmos, even though I have no atmos enabled speakers.

Any tips guys and sorry I get confused with a plethora of contradictory articles. Made more challenging with Bose closing the owner forum and LG not providing detail of the codecs used on app streaming



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1. The internal streaming apps only output compressed Dolby surround sound, they don't do uncompressed PCM surround sound.

2. Which ever works best for you, PCM is more desirable due to it being lower latency vs Dolby however due to differences in hardware and handshaking some people wont always get surround sound PCM working correctly. If its working fine for you then your good but you might want to check the soundbar and see if its stereo PCM or surround PCM (or you can hear the difference).

3 This is correct, Blu-ray Atmos is Dolby uncompressed TrueHD audio with Atmos metadata, so when passing the TrueHD track to the sound system it processes the Atmos.

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