LG C8 OLED and TV steaming apps Dolby Atmos support. Question.

Hi. Thanks for reading. I just bought a JBL 9.1 soundbar. When I play the Netflix TV app it works fine, it displays Atmos Dolby Sorround DD+ on the soundbar. Great! :) But when I play Disney+ or Apple TV+ (via the TV apps), I'm only getting Dolby Surround DD+ displayed on the bar. No Atmos.

My question is: do Disney+ and Apple TV+ support Atmos on the LG C8 OLED TV? If not, why not! And if they do, why would the JBL 9.1 only display DD+ and not Atmos?

If it's because Atmos is an add on to the DD+, then no one has any idea if it's working or not.

I contacted JBL who told me that Apple and Disney must not broadcast in Atmos, which we all know is nonsense. Atmos will work from the built in TV speakers for both apps. Any help appreciated, preferably from someone who plays Atmos using the LG C8 built in TV apps, through a home theatre set up. Do you get Atmos from Disney and Apple? Does it display this on your soundbar?

The only other thing I can think of is Disney and Apple don't support Atmos on the C8 through Arc. I need to contact LG and ask them, which they probably won't know. I may have to buy an Apple TV box, and a HDMI splitter, sigh, more money!
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Thanks dazzasky. Could it be that I need to update the firmware? I don't have the bar connected to the wi-fi and I've only just got it.


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Could it be that the C8 only has ARC, not eARC? It's one of the reasons I've been put off getting an atmos soundbar for my C8 as it can't output a true atmos signal via ARC
You don't need eARC to pass 'lossy' Dolby Digital Plus with or without Atmos!

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