Question LG C8 does not identify all inputs connected to Pioneer receiver


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Here's my setup.
- The HDMI OUT from the Pioneer goes to the LG C8 to its HDMI 2 (ARC).
- PS3 connected to HDMI IN (BD) on the receiver.
- Comcast DVR connected to HDMI IN (SAT/CBL) on the receiver.
- Chromecast connected to HDMI IN (GAME) on the receiver.

In the Device Connector menu, I have set up Pioneer Receiver as "Home Theater" and turned Simplink ON. All I can see is that the Chromecast shows up and nothing else.

I have tried the following things :
- Moved the inputs around.
- Replaced HDMI cables.
- Turned Simplink OFF.
- Tried to set up Pioneer as Set top box.

When I connect the DVR directly to another HDMI input of the TV (HDMI 3), the DVR works fine but then I lose out on the surround and I get only stereo sound. (since ARC has issues with the Pioneer receiver - topic for another thread).

Is there any way I can get all the devices connected to my receiver show up so that I can switch between them via the remote?

Image attached for reference.


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Probably not. Hdmi CEC interfaces are a big lottery. (Simplink being what LG call CEC)

Have you enabled hdmi control on the other attached devices? If the connected devices are ON, as opposed to in standby, do they auto-switch the amp source?

ARC: Sound Issues HDMI ARC OLED C8 is worth reading?


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Thank you for the response. Looks like my PS3 is way too old to have the "Control for HDMI" setting under the system setting. I tried for a software update but it's already the latest software version :)

Yeah, I figured CEC would be an issue. Will see if the Comcast DVR had the setting that I can change.


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You could connect devices to the TV and feed ARC back (or in extremis use optical). If no high definition audio format playback is desired and 5.1 is enough AND the TV passes multi-channel via its other hdmi inputs (and doesn't downmix to stereo).

(Not sure how old your TV is, more recent ones should?)


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yes. That's exactly what I have done. The TV is LG C8 from last year. ARC does not work with this receiver. So I am using optical since for now I need only 5.1 sound.

Cable box is connected to HDMI - 3 but there lies to problem, since the TV downmixes it to the stereo.

For PS3 (while watching Blu-ray discs), I am getting the DTS - HDMA / Dolby TrueHD audio since it's connected directly to the receiver. Only hassle there is that I have to manually turn on the PS3 and control it using another remote.


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LG have made a right mess of the sound handling with that TV haven't they?

Something like a Logitech Harmony remote may be your only solution with everything via the amp. One remote with several 'scenarios' to switch all the devices to the correct states and control them via that device. But I'm no expert on those remotes and setting them up.

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