Question LG C7 + B7

hi just seen in curry's the lg c7 55 and b7 55 at £1.399 with additional 5% off price taking it down to £1.329 which is very tempting to buy or not to buy any advice.
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Thanks for reply I have no choice its on a gift card to use at curry's insurance write off from a previous tv brought there. Do they still suffer from screen burn and would this be covered under the extended warranty. Thanks


OK thanks for reply think i will pass on this TV.any other alternatives
Not really. If you think you are susceptible to burn in you'll need to look at LCD TVs instead, all of which aren't as good all round TVs.

Not only that, but now is a bad time to buy in general since the best LCDs from 2017 still represent the best value, they are lowest in price but have sold out in most places, leaving us with their replacement 2018 versions, just released, costing roughly 30-40% more.
price is still £1.399 no 5% discount on top of that might take the plunge on Friday both are same spec right just cosmetic differences yes tvs at the minute are silly prices.
OK took the plunge today ordered curry's online with £100 voucher code applied at secure checkout £1,399,00 taking it down to £1,299,00 free delivery code is not shown online but it works here is the code if anyone interested 100CBLSTV.

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