LG C6 999 euro, good deal?


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Hello Everybody,
I live in Holland and I can buy a used C6 with guaranty for 999,- euros. Is this a good deal? At the moment I have a Salora 55 inch 4k tv (55UHS3500). The tv does it job, but it isn't spectaculair. Do you think that the C6 is much better quality? I will mostly watch movies at night and play a game or two. Thanks for your replies.

fat jez

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You can probably find a new 55" B7/C7 for not much more than 999 Euros at the moment. I'd say that is a better option for you.

fat jez

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If you already had a B6/C6, I wouldn't tell you to upgrade, because there is not a big difference, but they made some improvements to the panel for the B7/C7 and it has a newer version of the operating system (WebOS 3.5 on the B7, WebOS 3.0 on the B6).


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Don’t forget the C6 has 3D but the B7/C7 etc does not. We know 3D has gone out of fashion but it’s widely accepted the best 3D performance was seen on the Oled 6 series (B6 did not get it but all the other models did). I have a C6 and can confirm the 3D is very, very good.

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