LG C1 with Sonos Arc but can't switch back to TV Speakers


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Technical question about using my Sonos Arc system with my new LG OLED77C1 TV:

I have the Sonos Arc soundbar system connected by HDMI cable to the HDMI2(eARC /ARC) port on the LG OLED77C1 TV. Getting great sound from the soundbar, subwoofer and rear speakers. My problem is that I cannot switch back to the LG TV speakers. I can control volume (+/- symbols) with the Magic remote or the DirecTV universal remote. When I click "Settings"/Sound Out/Sound Mode on the LG Magic remote, I get the following:

"Sound Out HDMI(Arc) Device" on the LG TV screen and when I try to click to any other option like Optical or TV Speakers, the TV switches to it for about a second and then reverts to HDMI(Arc). The Sound Mode shows "NOT SUPPORTED"; I cannot switch to any options. The only way I can get back to using "Sound Out" e.g., TV speakers and the Sound Mode options is to unplug the Sonos Arc Soundbar or unplug the HDMI cable to the soundbar.

Any comments or solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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You could try turning off simplink under HDMI settings, that will stop CEC commands telling the soundbar its attached to the TV.

See if that frees up the option to use internal speakers again.


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I have the exact same issue. Switching Simplink to off - and after a few secs, it get back to "on" automatically

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