LG C1 settings to get the best picture?


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Can anybody please help me out to calibrate my LG C1 to get me the best image out of my TV or give me a YouTube link to a self help video? I need to know all the picture settings (including HDR, Dolby Vision, Game Mode, HDMI Deep Colour etc if needed) that I should adjust and how I should adjust them. The TV will be used for streaming on various streaming services (in HD, 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision etc), Blu-ray's (HD & UHD), watching sports (NFL and college football, NHL hockey, soccer, UFC, Boxing), and for gaming (Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 around the time God of War releases, Nintendo Switch, and vintage consoles via RCA to HDMI adapter).

Which thanks in advance for your help and advice.
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Put 200hrs on before calibration

Vincent has lots of c1 videos

AV has been my hobby for 20yrs+, my calibrator still found 3 incorrect settings I was using.

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