LG C1 Black screen when connecting to PC


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Morning All,

I was wondering if somebody can help. I recently bought a LG C1 tv. Works great, however when I try to connect it to my PC there are several issues.

Initially it connected and i got a really weird picture with odd colours. I didn't know what was causing it. In an attempt to fix this I tried game optimiser mode, which then caused the screen to start flashing uncontrollably. Switched that option off, and after disconnected the HDMI from both PC and TV and replugging it into the tv (after PC restart) i still got the flashing but this time different parts of the screen were flashing on and off.

I have tried different HDMI ports on the screen to no effect.

Now after i restart the screen, i see the Bios and i can access the bios just fine, however as soon as the bios logo disappears i get no picture, just a black screen.

Fixes ive tried so far.
change HDMI cable
Turn of HDR for the HDMI port im using on the TV
Turn off fast boot in Bios

My Specs are below;

Ryzen 2700x
16gb ram
Asus Mboard
GTX 1080ti
Windows 10
Latest Nvidia drivers

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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what resolution and refresh rate do you have set on the PC?

Have you changed the HDMI port on the TV to be "PC" and turned off overscanning?

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