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I'm planning on buying the 55" C1 very soon, and have considered both a full-motion mount such as the Vogels THIN 546 and "flat" mounts. For the latter, I looked at the Vogels THIN 505 or some of the equivalent models from One For All (WM 6411/6611/6619).

I will likely choose a flat one to keep the TV closer to the wall. Is one of the brands better than the other in terms of quality etc., or anything else you think I should know? I don't know if it is true, but I seem to remember reading somewhere, that some people had problems using the Vogels THIN model because of the distance between the holes on the TV, so they were unable to mount the brackets optimally.




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Before you get into the specifics of one particular bracket, you need to be sure you've chosen the right type.

You'd need a cantilever (full motion) bracket if you want to mount it on the wall and your TV is located in a corner of the room or it's on a straight bit of wall but you want to view it from an extreme angle or have such a wide variation in your different viewing positions that the TV needs to be physically moved from time to time.

If none of those apply, then the choice between tilting or fixed mount will be down to how high off the floor the TV will be. If it's around eye-level, then a fixed mount will be fine but the closer to the ceiling you go (and the closer the viewing distance), the more likely you are to need a tilting bracket to angle the TV downwards slightly. A good example of when a tilting bracket might be needed is when a TV is mounted above a fireplace and you're viewing from fairly close up.

If a fixed (flat) mount still sounds like the best option and you've narrowed your choice down to a particular model, then it would be worth posting in the C1 owners' thread in the LG TVs forum. VESA holes on most large TVs are normally located well away from the ports so I'd be surprised if that particular model was problematic, looking at the design on their website. What can be an issue with a slimline bracket though, is the small (10-15mm) clearance between the rear of your TV and the wall, so have a think about the connections and cables you use. Any rear-facing connections will almost certainly need a right-angle adaptor or cable and access to these or any unused ports will be difficult (if not impossible) once the TV is on the wall, unless the bracket has a temporary tilt built-in for this reason (the slimmest may not). Vogels are a popular manufacturer, so asking in the C1 owners' thread before you part with your cash is a good idea, IMO.

They're are an established manufacturer of good quality brackets as far as I can make out, so I would expect a good build quality for the prices they charge. You'll find similar brackets for less, but I would check reviews carefully and I personally wouldn't go too cheap, otherwise build quality may be poor.

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