LG C1 and beam2 atmos help please


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Good morning

I hope you can help please?

I have purchased a Sonos beam 2 to go along with my LG c1 telly and was wondering what settings I need to have on my LG to receive Dolby Atmos?

I have been on Amazon and Netflix via my Virgin V6 box and I am only getting Dolby digital 5.1 plus when it should me be atmos .

Could you please advise as I am not sure if I have my settings wrong on my LG.

Thanks for your help :)



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eARC = enabled (Sonos Beam 2 supports eARC)
HDMI audio input = bitstream
Digital sound output = pass-through

Use the internal apps on the TV and they should send DD+ Atmos were supported.

HDMI devices many need additional configuration in passing audio.

Also make sure firmware is up to date on both TV and soundbar.


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Awesome thank you, might be the virgin V6 box causing no atmos as this is how I have it set up at the moment .

However Sonos say I should digital sound as automatic 🤷🏽‍♂️ But that does not make any difference

Will try it tonight 👍

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