LG C1 55" or 65" @ 3.8m/12 feet


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There is a big deal on both these tv's right now and I don't know which to buy. Generally speaking I've always chosen a bit smaller tv then recommended since I have it on all the time even when I'm working the tv is on in the background :). Now I have an LG CX 48" and like it a lot, but I have the ability to move the chair so I can choose any distance.
Now I'm moving to a new apartment on the 15 of December and need a new tv since it's a bigger room and I will have a couch, not a chair I can move easily.
From the wall where the tv will be to the opposite wall the distance is 3.8m/12 feet. The ceiling is also higher at 3.02m/10 feet.
I use it for all kinds of content, regular tv, 4k movies and of course PS5 and Xbox Series X gaming.

Would the 65" be the best option here?

Ps. I made a cardboard cutout of the size and it looked ENORMOUS, will I get use to this over time?


3.2ft from my 65 and sometimes closer. You're viewing distance I wouldn't hesitate to say a projector size screen would be fine. We move the couch back and forth, usually back if we watch lower quality material like regular TV and forward for games and movies.

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