LG C1 48 - flicker / brightness adjustment


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My LG C1 exhibits some sort of flicker / brightness adjustment especially visible in mid-brightness uniform backgrounds.

Case in point: while watching Mindhunter on Netflix in Dolby Vision 4k, in many shots where there is a uniform or defocused background there's this jarring brightness adjustment that is very distracting to the point where I am now considering returning the tv.

This being my first oled I am trying to determine: is this is a feature of ABL or something else?!

Note: one thing I didn't expect from oleds is how dim they are. There's really no point in watching an oled even in a dimly lit room. We have to light sources we keep on in opposing corners of the room - they are two hue lights at <50% brightness (usually at about 30%) installed in lamps that further dim the total light output. Using the standard image settings that come with the TV it is impossible to watch Mindhunter in this room with those two light sources on, and difficult to watch with them turned on. This is probably a combination of low light output from the tv and bad mastering of hdr content. How is everyone watching dolby / hdr and even sdr content on their oleds while still being able to enjoy a decently bright image?

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