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Hi, I got my LG BX 55 inch yesterday. Love the TV. Amazing picture for gaming and movies, but I'm having a weird issue.

Each time I turn on my TV and open the Netflix app, the menu shows as normal, but when I select a programme to watch, it plays the sound but not the image, just a black screen, same for thing for the trailer that automatically plays at the top when you highlight a movie or programme. It's odd because everything else (the progress bar at the bottom etc) is all visible and fine. If I turned the TV off and on again it then works fine.

It also happened earlier when I turned off my TV but forgot to turn off my Xbox one X. Turned the TV back on, and it displayed the info HDMI 3, Xbox, but apart from that the screen was black. I could hear the menu but that was it. Turned the TV off and on and it was fine. So basically I have to turn it on then off and back on for it to work as it should.

I'm thinking maybe it's an issue with HDR or something like that as opposed to the screen itself as it's only the media itself that won't play, all the HDMI info is shown and Netflix is displaying all the menus.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? It seems to be quite a niche one as I can't find anything else like it online.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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