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I am in need of some help, I have looked and there is so many threads I am getting lost, I have a LG bx 65” and I am looking for the best setting for sdr for normal television and what’s best for my Xbox series x I have been on YouTube but all I am finding are setting for the LG cx any help would be great many thanks


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Maybe try the owners thread?


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Try YouTube,but remember that your room environment will differ...


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Probably a good place to start to get you 90% of the way there.
I tried them but thought it looked washed out all I seem to find on YouTube are for the cx but read somewhere that using them don’t work cuz of the different Processors


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No harm in trying them to see whether they give you a better result. I found the rtings settings worked as a good basis for me, but every panel (and eyes!) are different so there is going to be an element of trial and error.

Try searching youtube for 'TV Calibration with Darko'. I think he has a video for the BX.

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I tried them but thought it looked washed out

Most people who are used to overly saturated images on their TV find settings closer to a proper calibrated set look washed out.

My TV, while not calibrated, looks natural.
Most of my friends, who are not into AV, have their TVs set on the "dynamic" settings and think mine looks "washed out" until they sit down and actually watch a movie or docu with decent cinematography.

Not saying this is the case for you, just that it's something to consider.
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