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Lg BH9540 has any one changed the receiver?


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im wondering if any one has changed the receiver to a dolby atmos compatible one. as the speakers have up wards firing. i would like to know if anyone has done it and if it works?


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What are you hoping to achieve by getting a new receiver?

I don't think the subwoofer would work as it is passive I believe? Standalone AVR's need the subwoofer to have it's own amplifier.


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I suppose a lot would depend on speaker connections. Do the Atmos modules on the top of the LG speakers have there own speaker connections? AVR's need one set of outputs for each speaker used. So the "main" front LG speakers would need one set of cables for the front speaker and another for the Atmos / height speaker on top.

The subwoofer would not work with the AVR as it is passive.

The wireless back speakers may not work as AVR's don't normally support that feature out the box. If you could make them non-wireless that may still work. Again, depending on the speaker input / connectors.

Lord Eriol

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i resume this old post cause i'm evaluate same type of "upgrade" to Atmos.
I have a BH9540 set, but central unit goes fault, i sended to LG in warranty time, but LG said that is not fixable (old system) and proposes me a SK10Y soundbar.
I readed much about this soundbar, here and on web, and i'm not really convinced to accept:
1) I think that a real speaker set is always better than virtual mainly
2) that soundbar is not so easy to place in my living room
3) readed about some problems with dialogue too low in some cases
4) i like the towers BH9540 speakers

About BH9540 and atmos, to reply prevous comments, yes, the front and rear spakers have 2 separate connectors for "normal" speaker and upfiring speaker then should be adaptable to atmos.
Sub is passive ok, is not adaptable anyway? eventually i have another active sub to use (and i can buy a new one if needed)
About connection front and center (sub too) cables can be cutted on a side (other side have LG custom connectors) to use with a new atmos AVR.
Rear speakers are connected wireless, trough a wifi receiver that is connected with cables to speakers. This cables are 5m (i guess) and too short to reach AVR, i must cut cable connector on one side and use an extension cable (i know junction is not good, but no way)

I think is all things that can be done easily, really i'm surprised no one tried this.
I have and old STRB840 Sony AV 5.1 avr, only 5.1, not HDMI, i can try to use it to test BH9540. Only i'm really undecided, dont know if accept SK10Y substitution or cut all that cables... i fear something can go wrong.
A thing that i think must be considered is the speaker impedance. Speakers front and rear are 4ohm, upfiring speakers are 8ohm, sub is 3ohm.
Another important thing should be that this is a 9.1 system, dont know how a AVR atmos manage front/rear upfiring speakers... usually i see that AVR atmos have 7.1 channels (and connectors), how to connect BH9540 up speakers to a 7.1 system?
Please give me some hints a.s.a.p. i must reply to lg for their proposal very soon
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