Question LG BH200 Multiregion hack & 0702 driver required

I have just acquired a US import LG BH200 which seems so far to preform well on the discs I have tried so far - several films and 3 calibration discs (HD DVD, Bluray and DVD). I am looking for the multiregion hack software and the 0702 driver and all the links I have found so far (still reading the AVS Forums epic length threads) are now dead. Does anyone have either a current valid link or a copy of these please?

I already have a Samsung BD UP5000 combo player (another US import) so will run a lot more tests to compare them and then relegate one to my office or bedroom system.
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I think I have now found the multiregion hack software but am still looking for the 0702 driver.
Will install and test over the next few days.

EDIT - downloaded file is incomplete - less than 1kb and should be 5Mb+ so still looking
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PM me if you still need the multiregion firmware for LG BH200.

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