LG BD660 mp4 frame rate issue


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I've recently purchased a LG BD660 bluray player and I've noticed a problem when playing movie files from a USB stick that is specific to the mp4 container type. All mp4 movie files default to playing back at 60Hz, which results in a very jerky picture, if the source frame rate does not match. I've managed to transcode a few of the files to the mkv container type and they always playback correctly at the right frame rate. The problem is specific to the mp4 container type.

I've also noticed a similar issue with the HD version of BBC iplayer, content defaults to a frame rate of 60Hz instead of playing back at 50Hz. I've contacted LG support and they say the product may be faulty, I suspect it's more likely to be a firmware issue. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem?


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I have got the same problem with BBC iplayer on this product. My broadband connection also feeds a Humax HD Freesat unit and this has iplayer via Freesat. If I choose a programme and watch on the Humax it runs smoothly even when I select the "high quality option". If I then switch over to the LG player (same broadband connection remember) I get a very sharp picture but it is not smooth - sort of judders along! Having eliminated the broadband connection I now firmly believe there is an issue with the BD 660. Probably needs a software upgrade or something. Bit disappointing though, as otherwise it is an excellent player.
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