LG BD650 Blu-ray Player - £40 in asda stores


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Advertisement in today's Sun newspaper (23/12) says deal is from Boxing day.

LG BD650 Blu-ray Player | Blu Ray Player | ASDA direct

pretty good price , i think

this is live in store now, so dont wait for boxing day, if you are after one

just got one for my little sister, priced up at £69 , but scan at £40, i just asked the guy at the checkout too check the price for one,

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Popped in to Asda at the fort Glasgow today, the price was scanning at £69.00, prob try again on boxing day.


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What's the difference between the firmware versions listed for the BD650 on the LG site?

>> LG Product Support for BD650

One is the newer than the other, but is a very small file compared to the older one.

H12IM1N.ROM - 2,048 KB

LG_BD_6200M51.ROM - 59,838 KB
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