LG B9 - Which Picture Setting do you use for Dolby Vision content?

What Picture setting do you use for Dolby Vision?

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Doctor Hades

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What picture setting do people use for Dolby Vision on their B9s? Cinema or Cinema Home?

I had been using the Cinema setting for DV with my Panasonic 820 4K player since I got it and always found movies that used it to look overly dark. However, I assumed that this was how it was supposed to look since it is calibrated for DV. I watched the 4K disc version of Raiders of the Lost Ark with DV last weekend and thought the picture looked superb but it was much darker than I remembered it. This was in a darkened room with the curtains shut and the lights off by the way.

Anyway, I sat down to watch Godzilla vs Kong on 4K disc, which also supports DV, on Monday and decided to switched from Cinema to Cinema Home for the first time when the movie started and it was again looking too dark. The difference was striking, all of a sudden I could see shadow detail without the picture appearing washed out (the top and bottom borders were still inky black) so it seems like this is the better picture setting for DV content, at least to my tired old eyes.

Kind of confusing though having Dolby Vision support but two very different picture settings. It's hard to know which is the correct one. Thoughts?

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