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I have an issue with my LG B8 OLED using a Samsung HW-K450 2.1 soundbar where certain content on the Netflix app will sound really distorted and the only workaround fix I found was to change the audio track from 5.1 to standard audio manually. It’s been annoying, especially if it’s a series as you have to do it every episode, but I’ve lived with it. I’ve tried using Digital Optical and HDMI Arc output and had the same issue on both.

I’ve now realised it does the same thing on Disney Plus but this has no option to change the audio track output.

Does anyone know what might be the cause of this and is there an option in the TV’s built in settings to fix it or force it onto 2.1?

It’s not all content on Netflix/Disney that does it and some 5.1 decoding content such as Playstation/Xbox gaming I have never had the issue with at all.

Any help appreciated!
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Sounds like you have the same issue as me, is the sound all screechy and high pitched.

I have an old amp connected over ARC that supports Dolby digital plus, but some of the apps have now started using a new format of Dolby digital plus that supports Dolby Atmos, so Netflix now send out a Dolby digital plus flag with but with a Dolby Atmos audio.

You cannot fix this as there is no option to turn off Dolby Atmos in Netflix, but there is a workaround, if you go to the below setting on the TV and change it from Auto to PCM you will get normal sound.

The downside to this is you will need to keep manually having to change this setting if you have any other (non Dolby Atmos) 5.1 programs you want to have with surround, but if you only have a 2.1 sound bar just leave this setting in PCM and it should work fine.

Sound Out > HDMI ARC > Digital Sound Out: Auto to PCM


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