LG B8 Amazon app keeps freezing


for the past week the Amazon app keeps freezing on my B8. It’s fine as soon as I turn the tv on and play something. The issue is if I pause the program, leave the app and watch something else. Then when I go back into the app it’s just completely frozen. I have to turn the tv off on again for it to work. I know it’s not a massive deal in the grand scheme of things, but it use to work fine.
Anyone else with the same issue?


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Had the same issue on my C8 last night. Can't recall it happening before.


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I've had the same. When an app freezes you can long press the home button which brings up the running apps (not the usual home menu) and clicking X kills that app. Change to a different source first to be able to kill the last app.

I've tried the usual remedies to stop it happening which is to unplug for a while in standby, and removing and re-installing seems to reset the Prime app data . It's been better since.

Also it might help exiting out of an app when finished, as it might have been happening when the app was left resident for a while.


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App-wise, I always exit them when finished. The only exception to that is NowTV, which you can't seem to exit from. I see very few issues that way. That said, Amazon on my LG SM8500 is a bit temperamental sometimes.

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