Question LG B7V + Marantz SR7011..anyone got that?

Discussion in 'LG TVs Forum' started by Pugs1, Jan 2, 2018.

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    So peeps, I have bought an LG OLED55B7V and have the following connected to the TV (Input HDMI 2 ARC and renamed to 'AVR') via a Marantz SR7011

    1. SKY Q 4K
    2. XBox 1X
    3. OPPO BD83
    Now, I have HDMI CEC enabled on all devices and when I have the XBox running and the Marantz switched to Game Input that the LG is switching the amp to 'TV Audio' whenever I switch to the TV menu showing 'ALL INPUTS' (same screen where supposedly you can setup the Magic remote ;-) and exiting out of the 'Inputs' screen on the LG it doesn't switch the amp back to Game Input, just stays on TV Audio. This is an example and it appears that the LG is sending 'TV Audio' commands to the amp but not switching it back when you exit said app\screen.

    Additionally, can someone explain why the 'live' input mode function (left hand side of screen) on the LG shows for example

    HDMI 2 (renamed AVR)
    >>Sky Q

    but it doesn't show the XBox when connected and powered on i.e.

    HDMI 2 (AVR)

    Its not the Marantz, since it has worked without issues with Panasonic TVs with Audio Out functionality via ARC

    I did also find that the TV would always default to 'Live TV' and again would switch the amp to TV Audio but a work around if people are having that issue is to disable 'Search for new TV channels and features' under the TV programmes on the LG. Seems pretty buggy to me some of the LG software.

    Lastily, anyone got that damn remote to work with SKY Q?

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