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How to lose loyal customers...

I have been a long term customer for around 20 years - ever since I was a student and purchased my first HIFI from them !!

I went to buy an LG 65B7 from Richer Sounds Lichfield yesterday after reading all the hype etc on their website regarding price promises/ price beating etc etc and looking for a Black Friday deal ...what a mistake!!

I went in a few weeks ago and spoke about purchasing the TV to replace my Pioneer 506XDE screen and a 4K projector to replace the JVC X3...spoke with the General Manager - Tim.. decent and knowledgeable guy.... (in the end it was worth the +45 minutes driving around the area looking for the store as the postcode on their website is wrong- they advised instore that they were aware of this....and other customers had informed them of it many times before)!

I planned with Tim to purchase the TV first and then the 4K projector a few weeks after as we were having some decorating done. I advised that would return in a few weeks based on my conversation with him.

Anyway, returned yesterday as I'd promised, so that I could buy the TV. I called first before travelling in the morning and was advised that they had one in stock but these TVs could not be reserved as they were in such high demand and were only available instore. I was advised to get to the store to ensure that I would get it .....so that's what I did.

Upon arrival at the store, I spoke with the same guy as I'd spoken with in the morning...he advised that they had 2 at the store but unfortunately, both were reserved by customers (???).Only an hour ago, I was told that they could not reserve these TVs for customers. After checking in their storeroom, he advised that luckily, they actually did have one available after all and a tv was dragged into the shop for me from the store room. As I discussed the sale with him I saw that the set was a 55 inch...not the 65 inch I had asked about and had been speaking about in my call and current discussion ! (Perhaps some training in listening skills is required).

The tone of the conversation changed as soon as it came to price as I had asked them to match the Currys price and discount ... he became pretty arsey and indifferent and advised me that they had been selling hundreds of these and were selling these as fast as they were getting them etc etc... (good for them - but I couldn't care less - so much for making the customer feel valued). Anyway, they refused to match the Currys price after going onto the internet and checking Curry's stock/delivery and advised that curry could not get any for another 2 weeks. I had checked before leaving and they were available an hour before. How did they know this ? This information is not on the Currys website...do Currys share this detailed information with their competitors? Anyway....refused to honour the price match even though I told them that I'd been a customer for the last 20 years or so! I could not be bothered to argue ... just left a bad taste in my mouth and feeling a bit of a sucker travelling all that way to give them my business...so much for the additional £50 price beat and paying for my parking then! The guy was indifferent when I advised that I'd go to Currys instead.

Conclusion : Spotted a Hughes store on my way back home. They did not have a B7 in the store. But could get the E7 delivered quickly. Advised them of the discounts offered by Currys. The sales person spoke with her colleague for a few seconds. They agreed to honour the same discount on the E7. I got it for a VERY good price as they gave me an additional discount too. £2470! I walked out of the store within 15 minutes with the Credit card receipt in my hand for a higher value TV. I will be getting it delivered free tomorrow.

This experience is a MASSIVE change to the Richer Sounds that I have used over the last 20 years and I have purchased LCDs (x4) , amplifiers, CD players, speakers, cabling etc from over the years and recommended many people to use them to purchase their equipment. I have even accompanied family and friends to the B'ham store to purchase TV and Hifi in the past on many, many occasions. What has happened to these guys ? It seems to be very different to the company ethos and write ups in the previous years by Julian Richer in the A5 catalogues. In my opinion, they seem to have become pretty complacent and big headed over the years. What a shame! In this instance, I could not have made it easier for them to sell a TV to me ! If Richer Sounds don't want my business, there are plenty of other retailers out there who are more than happy to assist !!
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Hi there,

I was sorry to read your comments on this thread regarding the poor service you received from our Lichfield branch and offer my sincere apologies.

With a view to resolving the matter as soon as possible I’ve send you a private message requesting contact information.

In the meantime, my apologies once again, and I very much look forward to hearing from you.

John Clayton
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Richer Sounds


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Hi John,

Thanks for your prompt reply and apology - especially on a Sunday!

I don't think that an investigation would help as I've already purchased a TV. Please do note the comments I've made.

Customer service is one of the most important things to me - Bryston, PMC and Mark Levinson all have one thing in common - excellent customer service ! That's why people like me spend thousands of pounds of our hard earned cash on equipment with these companies.

You may need to train your staff at the branch to deal with customers better - it only takes one bad experience to mess up a company's relationship with customers. The feel of this branch seems to be very different to the that in your Birmingham branch for example....seems to be an air of indifference from some of the staff in this branch.

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It is nice to see you were able to get such a great price. I have found John Lewis very receptive to price matching and would recommend considering them as well in the future.

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