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i have an intermittent issue where when i use my apple tv remote to wake up my system the tv doesnt get a signal (lg screen saver w no signal message) from the apple tv. so far it is intermittent, maybe 10% of the time, and it requires i unplug power to the apple tv and plug it back in and that resolves the issue.

i have an LG B7 OLED, a marantz sr6012, and a gen 1 apple tv 4k (The one before the current model). Apple tv hdmi out -> marsntz out via hdmi 1 ARC -> lg tv main hdmi input.

Any input would be appreciated! Thank you!


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I would suggest replacing the HDMI cable as the first thing to try.

Get a certified premium high speed HDMI cable (HDMI 2.0 4k HDR), any will do that is certified no need to spend crazy money.

Other options in ATV settings menu
1) Set output to 4K SDR 60Hz and enable match refresh/range to it only switches to HDR when source material is HDR.
2) Low chroma output from 444 to 420
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You shouldn't have to do any of that. This shouldn't be that complicated. My Sony Bravia hooked up with my new Sony Stereo instantly, and I just got the stereo about 18 months ago. The TV is 12 years old with only 2 HDMI ports. Obviously, with all the posts in here, there's some sort of problem.
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