LG B6 OLED TV Owners and Discussion Thread - Part 6


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Coincidentally last night I noticed a strange pattern in the upper right of my screen on red backgrounds.
Turns out it is screen burn from the bright red stylised logo just before the word FreeviewPlay on the TV Guide page.
Now I do use the TV Guide daily but obviously I don't have it on screen for more than a minute at most and I always run the screen on ISF Expert Dark.
Looking through test patterns Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta and Grey the only issue I see is this FreeViewPlay logo.
Attached a Pic, it's about 5" to the right of Joe Lycett's hair.

how did you run the test patterns? Is it external software?
Just a quick update.

My B6 is being picked up tomorrow and getting a new panel fitted.

Hopefully I get it back in a couple of weeks.
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Just got confirmation LG are going to replace the panel on my B6, has some screen burn from the sky epg on red backgrounds and a green splodge on the middle of the screen on a yellow background.
Not too bad for £200 just need to wait for them to arrange courier etc now.


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Seems like reasonable deal to get a replacement panel.
I definitely have burn in on my B6, so would like to get its panel replaced at some stage.

Does anyone know if the replacement panels are just as susceptible to burn in?
Have LG made documented improvements to their OLED panels?
I can remember reading about some sort of anti burn in feature in newer models that was based on detecting static images (logos, etc), but the B6 wlll never have that.

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