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LG B6 MOTION judder


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Looking at the LG B6 but hearing various reports of judder and a few(older) reviews mention this I was wondering if any owners can tell me if it is a problem or have LG fixed it with firmware updates?


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Should be a debate over on the B6 owners thread.

My experience has been that 'normally' existing judder inherent in 24Hz now looks the way it 'should' after a fairly recent firmware update (and factory reset on my sample).

Bought mine in May last year when it was released and the first 5 months I couldn't enjoy 24Hz content without TruMotion User activated, but that in itself had major drawbacks. LG have somewhat improved TruMotion also now though, so slightly less artifacts (as long as you keep De-judder and De-blur at reasonable levels). Now I rarely use TruMotion at all, only if judder in the particular material I'm watching becomes too distracting. It differs a lot.

Just don't expext a judder-free panel.

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