LG "75UM7050PLA" and LG 75UM7000PLA what's the difference...??? + Picture Quality.


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Is there anyone out there with knowledge of the LG UM series...???
I'm particularly interested in the LG "75UM7050PLA" and LG 75UM7000PLA & what the difference is...???
Also any feedback on picture quality....???
Thanks in advance


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i had the uj 675 75" tv, it was the previous model to the one you are looking at, the difference to mine was just inclusion of alexa and google, in 1080p and blu ray, and 4 k streaming, the picture is very good.....4k uhd, i found the set had a lot of blooming and i had to turn the backlight down by 40% to get a decent picture in dark movies, if its use is mainly hd tv .....its a cracker for the price now.

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