LG 65UN81006LB Light Bleed Issue


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I purchased this TV last week from the catalogue as it was on offer, viewing in daylight is fine however when i went to watch a film last night i noticed lights all along the bottom and right hand side of the screen, oddly the left side and top appear to be okay.

Contacted LG who say my Guarantee is 'bought out' by Very.co.uk who i purchased the TV from so my guarantee is now with them and there is nothing they can do to help although they agree the pictures don't look right

Very have advised that yes they buy out the LG guarantee (although nowhere on their site i can find tells you this) and i can return the TV and their engineers will 'determine' if the TV has a fault or not and if it does then issue a refund.... if it doesn't then they will return it at my expense. I advised them i no longer have the box and they said to wrap it up in some bubble wrap otherwise the couriers won't take it! Now not being funny but i don't think it's advisable to 'wrap' a 65 inch TV in bubble wrap, i don't think it would survive the return trip and there is no guarantee they will refund me.

Any advice? I have tweaked all the settings, even turning brightness and backlight down to below 10 and can still see these bright spots in dark conditions.

Is this normal, it surely can't be for a £800 TV can it?

Any help appreciated.



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It's an LCD with LED backlights, it's probably edge lit and that's where the led's are, it looks bad though so it may be faulty but I don't fancy your chances of them saying there is anything wrong.


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Yeah that's kinda Nasty light bleed their dude.. If that was me I would be swapping it out for sure. Then agian if that is part of LGs standard 4K models then unfortunately light bleed can be far worse on those models as oppsed to the Nano range far.. Far better quality parts are used. However you get what you pay for. Maybe change it for a Samsung VA panal or Panasonic /Sony with a VA panal. Otherwise send it back save up and get your self a decent LG Nano Model they will come down on price they always do each year. Definitely worth thinking about. Otherwise it's the ye old "panal lottery"... Good luck 🤞.

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