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Hi folks,

Done a bit of searching and there is some old threads but wondered with more people having the CX now if opinions may have changed.

Currently I have a 55C6 which I love. But I’m about to get a series x and I’m also moving into a larger house next year and could do with a larger panel.

It seems the C9 does everything I need from a gaming perspective for the series X unless I’m mistaken? It also supports eArc if I upgrade my Sonos to the Arc. Lastly it actually has the U.K. catch up services.

So what am I really gaining by buying the CX? Slightly better motion and a better processor?

Genuinely perplexed by this one. Also I’ll never be plugging a pc in for gaming.


C9 has more things it does better than the CX than the CX has over the C9.

For instance, its brighter, it has full 48gbps HDMI 2.1 ports, whereas the CX has cut down speed ones.
It also has DTS audio support, which the CX lacks. It also has freeview play, and thus all the catch up services.

There's nothing about the C9 that is really worse, maybe the upscaling ever so slightly has the edge on the CX and it has a better Black Frame Insertion feature, most people don't even use those features. A TV a year younger will get software updates a year later but I wouldn't worry, you got a good price for a very good TV.

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