LG 60PS8000 Just Ordered

Hi Folks,

Just ordered the LG 60PS8000 having read lots of reviews.

I think I've got a good deal via Currys.

TV £1999.99 plus free LG BD370 Blu-ray player (worth around £200)

Also with this TV, I bought the Omnimount OMU3FEU Wall Bracket at half price for £64.

and using the 100SAVE discount code which knocks a £100 off any order over £1000

and going to the currys website via Rpoints knocks a further 1.5% about £30

and paying for it on my 1% cashback AmEx card knocks a further £20

Thus, the TV, Blu-ray player and wall mount plus free delivery for around £1914 is not bad me thinks. :D

I'll add my comments when I receive it!

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Doctor Smith

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Has it arrived?


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Any feedback on the set? I'm looking to purchase this too in the coming weeks.
Currys seem to be really getting their act together.

I ordered at online on Sunday morning. At checkout the website stated that the TV and the wall bracket and DVD would be sent separately.

You get the option to pick what day you want the delivery.

I then get a call from Currys to confirm the order and a check that I am the card holder - more for security I would imagine.

I got the DHL tracking number emailed to me yesterday with delivery of the DVD and wall bracket given as today AM (exactly as I requested when I order).

And guess what? They both arrived! :clap:

The TV I requested for Sat delivery (the earliest date they could give).

They emailed me today with the DHL number so fingers crossed all should go well!

All in all I am surprisingly impressed with Currys.

I'll write a review next week of early impressions.

Doctor Smith

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Whats the size of your viewing area

I have a 50inch I think a 60 inch tv might be too big. Scared to mention it to the wifey
Viewing area is about 12 ft. Looking at the viewing charts, 50" TV would be too small, which is a shame because the price differential between 50 and 60 is huge!

Just tell the wife you're buying a 50inch and make sure she doesn't see the credit card bill!

Doctor Smith

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You luck so and so. I love smell of new TVs in the morning
Guess what arrived yesterday? :)

Also, I plan to build a false wall (behind where the boxes are) so I'll keep you posted on progress. :thumbsup:


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couldnt you have found anything bigger ?!

nice set im looking at the 50" , would like to see pics of your set up once you get it up (the tv):D

Mr Incredible

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Now that this set can be got from Curry's for £1425 delivered, I'm tempted. But now you've lived with it for a few months, how do you rate it?
Now that this set can be got from Curry's for £1425 delivered, I'm tempted. But now you've lived with it for a few months, how do you rate it?

I have been very pleased! Blu ray films look fabulous and watching programmes like BBC's Life in HD equally good.

I play PS3 games on it and just love it.

I've had no issues with IR - just be aware of any images that are static (if its the red dot, just press backup to remove) make sure you change channel every hour or so.

£1425 is a great price and I'm sure you'll have no regrets.


I have just ordered my 60PS8000. Bit gutted as I went in last week to look at it and it was £1499, went I went in a couple of days later it was £1699 :( How can a January sale stop in the firest week of January! And they have none in stock, I can imagine they sold like blueberry hotcakes at that price! So im gonna have to wait 4-6 weeks for delivery :( The clerk gave me £50 off for this reason though so not all bad!

scooby do

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I was lucky ordered mine at the start of December and has a 5% off code and also 4.5% from topukcashbak.


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have you got these setup and running now? if you have what do you think? i play alot of games and was a little worried about screen burn, i play games like call of duty and alot of things are on the screen for a while, would this tv be okay or would you recommed something else?

scooby do

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I would steer well clear of gaming for the running in period (and dont play for silly lenghts of time without breaks). Make sure that you adjust the settings on all input and all picture modes away from the defaults as they all have far too much contrast and brightness out the box.


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I think i may not go for this tv as i do alot of gaming, talking 3-4 hours at a time, would i be better off with an LCD tv due to the screen burn?


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I think i may not go for this tv as i do alot of gaming, talking 3-4 hours at a time, would i be better off with an LCD tv due to the screen burn?

You could probably get away with it after the run in period, but I wouldn’t recommend it, having 10 minute breaks after every one or two hours would solve the problem, and 3-4 hours occasionally is fine, but regular 3-4 hour sessions without breaks is a big ask of any plasma really, even the Panasonics.


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I have owned a 60PS8000 for nearly 2 months now and I have not experienced any image retention at all. From some of the posts I have been reading I was expecting some slight image retention but I haven't had any. I have even left the TV guide on for 5+ minutes to see if I could get any IR, but I couldn't. Maybe IR is more of a problem with the 50" 50PS8000 version? I use the TV on THX mode for Sky HD but I havn't used it for gaming.

I find the picture quality excellent on THX mode, it is a very natrual picture. The only slight gripe that I have is when the TV is on THX mode and there is a bright white scene which covers most of the screen, the picture seems to have a slightly yellow tint or warm colour temperature and the picture doesn't appear to be as bright as other scenes. Maybe the THX mode is set to have a Warm colour temperature? However this is only where a white image covers the majority of the screen and if the image changes to have less 'white area' on screen the white does become more vivid and less yellow. Has anyone else experienced this? Ideally I would like to get into the service menu and change the colour temperature on THX mode to Medium, but this is probably not possible, so is there a way of finding out all of the THX picture settings values and setting my own ISF picture with the same THX values except for colour temperature?

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