LG 55UN7300PTC - cannot connect to TV with Airplay

Michael Ashley

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This is a new TV ... got it all setup and was connecting my iPad and iMac to it via Airplay and it worked just fine - for about three weeks.

Then suddenly I could no longer connect via Airplay, getting the error msg "Unable to connect to LG ....".

I switched off all devices, restarted the router and then turned on my devices ... again, I still could not connect with Airplay.

I reset the TV and setup again and tried again ... still can't connect with Airplay.

TV is connected to router via ethernet, all other devices are wireless. No changes were made before Airplay stopped working.

Stumped as to what to try next! Any help much appreciated.


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You've pretty much done everything you can. Check router firewall/security in case its blocking the TV for some reason.

The only other suggestion I have is
1) Open Home app on iOS device and see if you can add the TV.
2) If you can then give it a custom name (don't use default) and assign it a room.
3) That might force the Apple backend to recognise the TV.

If the Home app cannot see the TV then your in a tight spot, you might have to contact LG support.


Is the TV visible from other non-apple devices?

Michael Ashley

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Thanks for your tips so far. We don't have any non-Apple devices to check with, but I could borrow one. I will check out the Home app soon.


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I have exactly the same issue, reset loads of times, no joy
youtube etc all work fine on the tv


Michael Ashley

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This was my solution:

On remote press the Home button.
On screen select Home Dashboard
Second button down on the left switches AirPlay on or off (in my case it had been turned off due to compete TV reset)
You'll need to enter a code on the TV screen when you first try to AirPlay from each of your devices.

Hope that helps!


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Woohoo, thanks for that, yes it was turned off, I thought I had been through all the menus but hey it is sorted now

many thanks


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