LG 55UN7300 - BBC One on Both Channel 1 & Channel 3!?


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This is bizarre. I originally wrote this off as a software glitch but it's happened twice now.

My partner's grandparents just bought the UN7300 to replace a TV they bought just over a year ago that suddenly went dark blue because of the shoddy backlight issue.
I set it up for them and swapped the HD channels from 101 to 1, 102 to 2 etc. to make it simpler for them. Why they even bother to broadcast in SD anymore I'll never know.
Anyway, after about a week BBC One was being shown on both 1 & 3 despite the channel name/info/guide all saying ITV. I retuned the TV and swapped all the channels as before and after about 3 weeks it's done the same thing.

I'm wondering if this has happened to anybody else (ever) and if it's some kind of shortcut they keep activating? They leave the remote on the sofa and the dog walks on the remote about 30-40 times a day constantly turning Audio Description on and off, but they never use the settings menu because they've no idea what any of it does.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! If it happens again before anybody shines a light on it I'll just send it back for a replacement :)


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It could be that the TV is detecting channels from more than one transmitter. There are a number of things to try. First, do a full re-tune, then turn-off the option to update channels. I can't recall exactly what the option is, but it's under programmes somewhere. Once tuned, delete those channels that you're not interested in. New or updated channels will (or should) appear at the end of the EPG, even with the channel update disabled. That might help you get to the bottom of the issue.

Check the postcode on the Freeview website. That might give you some additional clues.

I don't think that it's a fault. If it is, it's a pretty weird one. The icons for channels in the EPG do get screwed up, at least they do on my TV when new channels get added, but it usually sorts itself out.
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