LG 55UF860 and LG 55UF950


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So, I ordered an LG55UF860 from Richer Sounds having read glowing reviews on their website from 'genuine' owners, and having owned a cheap LG 50'' Plasma for a number of years and having been very happy with it......

Glad I popped into Richer sounds now, as they didn't have the 860 on demo, only the more expensive 950.

Not impressed.... even up-scalled 1080 sky hd looked iffy. had a bit of a play with the settings but didn't improve things too much. Colours made some set's look a little washed out, so the colourprime seems effective, but other sets looked more effective to me, albeit in a smaller size.

The Panasonic 50CX680B looked a little washed out in direct comparison, but displayed less artifacts to my eyes, and was good colourwise in isolation. Still wasn't fantastic on motion, but acceptable.

Standard Def of the 950 was woeful, sorry, but almost unwatchable, the Panasonic was better but it could have been down to the five inches smaller screen size.

The sales guy was like, the LG is better overall, but not to my eyes. Going to cancel the 860 order an reconsider. Wanted bigger than 50'' really, but think I'm going to struggle without spending big money :(


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Hi There
Just wondered what you bought, as I was / still am looking at an LG
I like the look of the Sony KDL55S8005 also
I don't think I'll ever get a new TV as no 1 TV seems to do everything well?
They all look OK with a good feed but some of them on SD look horrific.

Paul Smith

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For what it's worth I helped my dad look at TV's when he was looking to buy his, after touring around many shops he finally found one that we thought would work nicely, it was the 55UF860V.
Nice colourful picture, bright punchy screen and good off angle viewing (a very important buying criteria for the room it was to go into).
When home I looked it up. I have to admit I didn't even know it existed before we saw it! and official reviews still seem thin on the ground. Tho it certainly ticked all the boxes for being (relatively) future proof, bonus!

A week later (while waiting for the sales) we popped into another store that had the UF950 on show. Considering it's 'higher end' spec I was very disappointed with how it looked, dim, tame and lacking the inviting pop that the 860V displayed so clearly.
I didn't play with the settings on it, so perhaps it could've been improved, but to be honest after looking at it for only a couple of minutes I decided it wasn't even worth considering the 'higher model', even if it had been the same price it would've still got the thumbs down that day.

So I'd say don't judge one tv on another model, even if it is theoretically higher up the ladder,
make sure you demo the right one!
My dad bought the 55UF860V in the sales and very happy he is with it too.:smashin:

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