Question LG 55SK9500 Insurance Replacement


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So moving a few things around I managed to catch my TV on the corner of the fireplace, just the slightest nick and whammy, screen cracked and completely ruined.

Accidental damage to the rescue but having had it over 12 months they offered Samsung q60r or lg sm9010.

Not really thrilled about either reviews, can take 650 after excess or suggest a 1k alternative that comes close to the sk9500 which I loved.

Any suggestions?


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Don't need but would prefer.

Though I'd rather have a better viewing experience head on than a better viewing experience from the corner of my living room.


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If you liked your previous LG then the SM range should suffice. For better contrast (mostly from head on) then look at the Samsung Q80 or Sony XF9005 - you’ll likely have to add to the insurance money to get these.


Ideally you'd want to pick up an OLED but the B9 may not drop that low come black friday. The B8 was selling for £1000 but seems to have sold out in most places now so the price has gone up again.

If you need to buy now, then I wouldn't go lower than TVs like the Samsung Q70R or Sony XF9005.

The Samsung Q80R or Q85R will let you buy an LCD, but have wider than usual viewing angles, whilst if you stick with LG I wouldn't go lower than the SM9800 since that is the closest in performance to your old TV.

Generally TVs using VA type panels such as the Samsung Q70R, Q80R, Q85R and Sony XF9005/XG9505 will greatly outperform the LG LCDs, especially with HDR.
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