LG 55LA6205 - Questions


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Hi All,

I am considering buying an LG 55LA6205 to replace a 55W5600 that found a new home.

Several questions for anyone who may have had experience with it:

1. Has anyone used this TV and can provide an personal opinion on picture quality, etc?

2. How is the edge lighting compared to other LG models and other brands. The 5600 was OK, but not nearly as good as I expected, despite dynamic dimming.

3. Does it suffer from the "wet rag" effect?

4. (VERY IMPORTANT) Does the built-in smartTV player support DTS passthrough? I've searched through forums and got mixed results, with some people indicating that they have gotten DTS passthrough to work on LG TVs through either latest fw or the service menu, and others indicating that they had no luck.

thank you all in advance


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I've seen 47LA6200 model in the stores it appears it does use direct lit led, not edge led from the thickness of the sets compared with last year's model of 47LM6200. So I guess it will have more uniform backlight than the edge led. Not sure about other questions though.


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Thread moved to the LCD/LED forum


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I had the LA620V (UK Model) same as LA6200

It is direct lit led. However the backlight was less uniform and it had more banding and DSE compared to the LG edge lit old model.



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So, I purchased the 55LA6205UA this weekend and so far I am extremely impressed with the set. The black levels are head and shoulders above the 55W5600 that I replaced, both in terms of depth and evenness. The unit is direct-lit (as opposed to edge lit), and I although it appears a bit brighter on the right side than the left, it's still miles better than the W5600 with local dimming.

Other nice things:
- DTS pass-through is finally supported;
- speed of the SmartTV interface, including Netflix, has greatly improved, as did the layout of the SmartShare (DLNA) interface;
- the picture quality is pretty amazing, again compared to 55W5600, not exactly sure how, but it seems a lot more crisp for the same resolution;
- the MagicWand remote that came with it (AR400) is much better than the older one with the W5600, easier to hold in your hand, has more buttons, and can control other devices (mine is set to control the volume on the receiver rather than the TV)

Minor complaints:
- lack of VGA/DVI inputs;
- with the remote configured to control the receiver and the TV together, I can't seem to bring up the Audio/Video settings menu when in HDMI mode;
- the cursor goes to sleep too fast and is sometimes difficult to bring back up;
- the media player still does NOT support multiple audio tracks.

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