LG 55E6V Worth an upgrade?


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Been looking at the latest Panasonics and the HZ2000 wondered if it was worth upgrading from what i have?


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Having just upgraded from a "E6 era" Panasonic to the HZ1000, I'd say that's a lot of money for a marginal improvement. I gained DV IQ and a bigger screen. You already have DV and I assume you're not changing screen size?

Also don't see the point in the hefty pricetag on the HZ2000 to be honest. An extra 75 nits maybe over the 1000/1500 and you've got an AVR so you're not going to use the speaker system.


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I'm wondering exactly the same. Have 55 E6, but looking for 65 inch TV late this year, or early next. Can't get to see them in person. Wondering has the tech moved on that much, or is it worth waiting for the next big leap (QD OLED?) which may never come. 5 years feels about right to change so on the lookout and very interested in what improvements there are!


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we installed a 65inch gx for a customer who had an e6 last week, and i really dont think there is a night and day improvement at all other than screen size, put the demos of 4k hdr on a signature 2016 oled next to an oled today and stand them side by side and i still think he older ones look super.


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That's good to know guys.

I was worried I was missing out on something. Getting that edge which didn't need scratching


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I think biggest difference will be for motion judder as its quite bad on e6 and also if you getting Ps5 or new XBox then the 120hz refresh rate could be handy.

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